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Lily Creme Acetinado Hidratante Corporal oBoticário 250g

Lily Creme Acetinado Hidratante Corporal oBoticário 250g

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Try the luxurious and moisturizing Lily. This cream is like a gentle hug for her skin, providing intense hydration and a silky feel.

It is enriched with nourishing and emollient ingredients, which help keep the skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. Its satin texture is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin with a soft and velvety touch.

In addition, it is scented with the enveloping and sophisticated fragrance of Lily, bringing a complete sensory experience. Your skin will be enveloped by a delicate and elegant scent, providing a sense of well-being and sophistication.

Apply daily, gently massaging onto clean, dry skin. Enjoy the luxurious care and long-lasting hydration this cream provides, leaving your skin radiant, smooth and scented with its enchanting scent.

How to use:

Apply to the body as desired, reapplying if necessary.

Volume: 250g

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