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Novex - Bamboo Sprout - Leave In

Novex - Bamboo Sprout - Leave In

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Detalhes de Envio

• Envios para Nova Jersey e estados a redores 1-3 dias uteis.
• Para os demais estados ordens chegam em torno de 5 dias uteis.
Numero de rastreio da ordem darei um dia mais especifico.

  • INTENSIVE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER HAIR GROWTH FORMULA: This formula is to be left in the hair after your normal shampoo and conditioner to help rebuild and strengthen your hair through the day. This Intensive rebuilding treatment. This Product helps to keep hair strong as it grows and stimulate hair regrowth.
  • STIMULATE AND MOISTURIZE THE SCALP: Scalp Health is Important for the health of your hair. Moisturize your scalp with this leave in treatment as well as stimulate hair growth with Natural Bamboo and vitamin E.
  • REBUILD AND STRENGTHEN HAIR: Proteins and essential nutrients help to rebuild the damaged parts of your hair increasing general hair health. This also adds volume and adds thickness to your hair. Ideal for thin, thinning, limp or damaged hair types.
  • HEAT PROTECTION: This Leave In treat goes in prior to styling and helps protect against heat damage. Styling damage is the number one reason why you have breakage and this product will prevent breakage and heat damage to your hair.
  • 300 ml
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